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The entire musculoskeletal system of the people, including muscles, ligaments, bones and joints can be affected by posture. An unnatural constant load affect primarily the spine. Accordingly, the main symptom of postural problems of back pain. Back pain is a common disease suffered by most people in their lives. Often the complaints but had to go over after a short time. If the cause of pain is not eliminated, but the fact develop a chronic pain illness. Back pain is in Switzerland, the most common cause of disability and early retirement.

Children and adolescents

Back pain - an adult problem? Unfortunately not. According to statistics provided by the health authorities already have 80% of schoolchildren posture. Many children exercising too little, they spend their leisure time in front of the computer or television rather than playing outdoors. The lack of exercise leads to the degradation of the supporting trunk muscles, so that (mis) charges contribute more directly to the spine. Episode - posture and back pain.

OrthoGym - Trained Her attitude

One can change his body position very badly on a sharpened awareness. Despite strong discipline one gets, whether young or old, back into the old holding patterns.

Deformities of the spine are among the most common causes of back pain. The Orthogym there is a training vest, which can be regularly applied.

The Orthogym trains the erect posture without support. It exerts a definite pull on the shoulder girdle. Through this, we pull the shoulder belt slightly pulled back, so the carrier gets a natural, upright posture support, without paying. For reservations, consult a doctor or medical practitioner.



The OrthoGym is lightweight and breathable, and prevents heat build the perfect air circulation and humidity. Material = tweed


Airing, if necessary by hand or machine wash at 30 ° C. Do not wash too often!

Determine your own size (in cm of waist circumference):

Gr. S / 50 - 64 cm
Gr. M / 65 - 79 cm
Gr. L / 80 - 94 cm
Gr. XL / 95 - 109 cm

Do not forget to specify your desired size.



29,99 EUR

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Shipping time: 3-4 Days


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